Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of relaxation, placidity and positive energy, where you can find harmony of body,
mind and soul.

Our complex provides a SPA zone, which includes many options for lovers of a healthy and pleasant rest:

Roman Steam Room

Temperature: 45-50 ° C

Humidity: 95-100%

This bath with a high relative humidity of air – up to 100%. The skin acquires a healthy color, becomes velvety to the touch. The thick steam envelops the body and gently warms it. Gradually relax all muscles, recovered vivacity and efficiency.

Turkish bath

Temperature: 45-50 ° C

Humidity: 95-100%

Due to high humidity, and relatively low temperatures, the steam gently envelops and warms, relaxes and fills with energy. The skin is cleansed, the muscles relax and a lot of harmful substances come out of the body

Japanese font

Japanese font №1 – temperature + 10 + 12° C;

Japanese font №2 – temperature + 34 + 36° C;

Japanese font №3 – temperature + 40 + 42° C.

Fonts with water of different temperatures help the body to improve and increase immunity. Also, the blood supply increases and the cardiovascular system is strengthened.

The font relieves pain with rheumatism and normalizes metabolism. Doctors noticed that regular visits to Japanese fonts to a large extent reduces the risk of colds. The Japanese font can bring a huge amount of positive sensations, and it improves physical health.

Salt room

Salt room is used for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases, diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, hematopoietic system, as well as general strengthening effect on the body. Unique properties of salt room : remove toxins and allergens, reduce the frequency and intensity of manifestations of allergic reactions – cough, cold, and relieve rashes.


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